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About Us

Determined To Deliver Success

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We Aim to Build a Better World

The Dauntless Contracting mission is more than a professional commitment. It is our passion, lifestyle, and personal investment in your real estate and construction success. Our mission is to raise the bar of your experience with our caliber of character. Delivering top-quality projects and investing in a long-term established relationship with each of our clients is our definition of success. 

The Dauntless Contracting vision is one we have invested in with intentions to carry on as a lasting legacy. That investment is reflected in the success we share with each of our clients. Our vision is to represent the development of our region as the company and contractor of character, where our passion for real estate development and construction is shown through the enjoyable experience each of our clients has with delivering their top-quality projects.  

Our Vision

Our Mission

Our Leadership

Trustworthy - Collaborative - Knowledgable
Committed to Customer Success 

Owner, Chief Strategy Officer 

As a passionate “Go-Getter,” Kelsi Sterett is a force of energy behind all Real Estate, Business Development, Administration, and Strategic Thinking at Dauntless Contracting. She enhances the construction experience of her team with her passion for her client engagements, attention to detail, leadership footprint, and business relationships. Kelsi brings to the table years of construction experience in the commercial and education sectors. Her project engineering experience is a pivotal tool for all Dauntless projects' completion and success.


Co-Owner, Chief Operations Officer, PE, CGC, LEED AP BD+C

With over 27 years of experience in the construction environment, Terrance Sterett is a dedicated construction executive who is driven to build.   He has extensive experience in business development, operations, preconstruction, staffing, and project team leadership from project inception to completion. His passion for construction and engineering is invested in each of his clients and business relationships.

Your success is our success

With over 30 years combined in the construction industry, related to over 139 projects completed and a billion dollars worth of work. Beyond experience, Dauntless leadership has invested in all avenues of the construction industry and performed just about every role within the industry. We value interpersonal relationships, client relationships, and retainage, and value the customer experience and feedback. 



Growing up in this industry, we have valued experienced leaders before us that hold class, integrity, and implement honesty into their hard work. Those values modeled by others have molded the type of professional we are today. Bringing character and class back to construction. We have experienced financial burns, deception, financial hits, and industry and economic impacts, and have carried the integrity with us to always put the customer and their best interest first. 


Our phones will always be on; the investment in our commitment to the project does not stop at 5 pm.


A customer's happiness with our experience, and services is a reflection of our success, our story, and our reputation. 


With over 30 years of combined experience, we have worn many hats and invested in many roles and projects throughout our professional careers. To be knowledgeable and an expert in what you do, you have to experience it all.

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