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Our Services

We Offer a Range of Services to Meet Your Needs

Dauntless Contracting brings expertise and value to real estate development, construction management, and general contracting that extends far beyond the building.  Our approach to business is not readily found in the construction industry.


One of the most critical aspects of project development is the priority investment in accurately defining the project and identifying possible risks and opportunities associated with property development, design, and construction. Our pre-construction due diligence is a comprehensive breakdown of real estate logistics, constructability reviews, planning and scheduling, accurate scope development, cost estimation, and site evaluation for each project. Dauntless Contracting is with you every step of the way.


Risk Management

For each of Dauntless’ projects, a property and construction risk management plan is developed early on in the process to set a stable footprint of identifying, monitoring, and mitigating potential risks. Our plan incorporates implementing appropriate procedures to reduce the impact risk and have risk responses in place to resolve them.


A strong project approach to every real estate transaction and/or construction operation is essential to any project's success. Our investment in preconstruction, risk management, and scheduling breakdown are the building blocks of an effective and efficient operations department. As the project progresses towards the construction phase, the responsibilities of our operations department include site logistics, scheduling appropriate staffing needs, subcontractor/vendor selection, quality, and availability.


Supply Chain Management

Dauntless invests in a strong and organized supply chain management plan to manage and improve the complex process of gathering all resources needed to deliver a project. Managing the supply flow of a project across several chains requires a well-managed breakdown of site information, procurement plan, and detailed logistics. Supply chain management incorporates the understanding of the project’s time to market, distribution, buy-out, analysis, and constant monitoring and management.   

Financial Management

Managing a complex construction project or processing an involved real estate transaction requires an intimate and detailed understanding of the predictable budgets and projected outcomes with transparent processes. To maximize project efficiency and protect our client’s investment, Dauntless performs comprehensive month-end reports, cost control tracking, and open book policy throughout the construction process.



Dauntless’s number one commitment is to perform and maintain the highest safety standards for our team, our clients, and our onsite staff and vendors.  We require detailed training for our employees. These training completed cover a site-specific orientation, active shooter training, site logistics, and trade partner safety.   We believe in upkeeping and maintaining a clean worksite, eliminating hazards, and securing a safe active construction site. Our goal is to make sure every person on-site returns home safely to their family every night.

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